Honors Living Learning Program

Honors Living Learning Program

The Honors community is home to the Redwine Honors Students at Midwestern State University. It is known as a home for intellectual engagement with students from a variety of academic colleges who share ideas and learn together. Residents who are currently a part of our Redwine Honors Program are connected the moment they arrive on campus. 

Located in Legacy Hall


  • Live with other talented Honors students in Legacy Hall and be part of a community who supports and elevates each other to greater academic success.
  • Resident Assistant is available to provide access to campus resources and assist students in making connections in and out of the classroom.
  • $300 discount off the cost of university housing each fall and spring semester (exclusive to honors residents).
  • Opportunity to join the Housing subcommittee as part of the Honors Program Student Council.
  • Access to exclusive Honors and LLP programming.
  • Deeper engagement with campus life, faculty, and university resources.

Requirements and Expectations

  • Residents are required to be a part of the Redwine Honors Program

Learn more about the Redwine Honors Program:

The Redwine Honors Program website

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The Redwine Honors Program Twitter

How to apply?

Students wishing to live in this community must first be accepted into the Redwine Honors Program. 

Learn more about the Honors Program

Students wishing to join an LLP simply need to indicate this desire on their housing application and they will be auto-assigned to their room and community. You can check your room status on the Housing Portal

If you did not designate an LLP on your housing application, there is still time to sign up. Simply log back into the Housing Portal and change your first room choice to the LLP program, or contact the housing office for more information, either by email,, or call our office at 940-397-4217.

Honors LLP room placement will be subject to acceptance into the Honors Program.

Apply now for the Honors Living Learning Program

Honors Lounge in Legacy Hall, Interior. Seven Honors students are hanging out in the Legacy Hall Honors Lounge playing Uno. They are seated at a round table. The full-size kitchen can be seen in the background with drinks set up on the kitchen island. A full-size refrigerator, stovetop and oven, exhaust, and large sink can be seen along the far wall. Windows along the right wall near the door reveal part of the Honors hall. Several honors students are gathered outside in the Legacy Courtyard near a picnic bench. A fire pit has been brought outside into the courtyard and six of the students are roasting marshmallows around the fire. four more students are seated at the picnic table and several others are standing around the grass area talking. Paths crisscross through the grass of the courtyard behind the students. One of the wings of Legacy Hall can be seen in the background on the right and part of Killingsworth Hall can be seen on the left. The trees are still full of green leaves despite the cool afternoon temperatures that are causing many students to wear hoodies and jackets. Many of the lamp lights around the courtyard are just starting to come on as the sun sets off camera. An honors student is decorating the Honors Lounge widows displaying a 'Boo' with a ghost as the middle 'O', a broom, and is working on the letter 'T'. Through the window, you can see part of Killingsworth Hall and the treetops around campus.