Education Living Learning Program

Education Living Learning Program

The Education Living Learning Program is an academic LLP designed to connect students with similar academic interests. The Education community is open to all students interested in pursuing an education degree or teacher certification through the Gordon T. and Ellen West College of Education. Participants will learn about the education program, interact with faculty and advisors, and participate in activities and events throughout Wichita Falls designed to prepare them for their future as an educator.

Located in Legacy Hall


  • Live with other education majors and students seeking their teaching certificate in Legacy Hall
  • Access to programming and resources designed specifically to promote success during and after college for students majoring in education.
  • Develop an on-campus support system that fosters important connections with peers, faculty, and staff in the Gordon T. and Ellen West College of Education.
  • A designated Resident Assistant is available to provide access to campus resources and assist students in navigating life on the university campus.

Requirements and Expectations

  • Students majoring in Undergraduate Programs or pursuing an education certification in the Gordon T. and Ellen West College of Education

Learn more about Gordon T. and Ellen West College of Education:

Gordon T. and Ellen West College of Education webpage

How to apply?

Students wishing to join an LLP simply need to indicate this desire on their housing application and they will be auto-assigned to their room and community. You can check your room status on the Housing Portal

If you did not designate an LLP on your housing application, there is still time to sign up. Simply log back into the Housing Portal and change your first room choice to the LLP program, or contact the housing office for more information, either by email,, or call our office at 940-397-4217.

Space is limited so in the event that an LLP becomes full by the time you apply, you will be added to a waitlist until a spot becomes available. For Fall 2024 housing, LLP room placement will begin in April 2024, and will be updated on a weekly basis. Apply early to secure your spot. 

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Last Modified: 02/26/2024