The practice of Dr. Keith Williamson is announcing its closure as of 12/8/2023. Patients needing
assistance in locating another physician should contact their health insurer, the local medical society at
940-882-1925, or the local hospital website ( ). With written
patient authorization, a copy of the medical record will be available at the Vinson Health Center during
office hours until December 31, 2023. Subsequently, Redwine Wellness Center will assist in obtaining a
copy of the records; contact at 940-397-4466

The records release from can be accessed through the following web address:
Medical Release Form

Why get vaccinated at Vinson Health Center

  • The most convenient option
  • The least expensive option
  • The most comprehensive option
  • The most robust and rigorous option
  • The only option that comes with support and advocacy
  • The only option specifically targeting the needs of college students in health sciences

Students who have misplaced their vaccine cards and were vaccinated through Vinson Health Center, can go to the ImmTrac2 Registry webpage and register to get another vaccination card. Vinson Health Center submits all COVID-19 vaccinations to

Immunization Policy
Immunization and infectious disease policy for higher education students in healthcare related fields.

Tuberculosis Policy
Tuberculosis-exposure control plan for healthcare educators and students.