First-Year Seminar Task Force

WELCOME to the website that will provide the campus community with information about the development of MSU’s First-Year Seminar (FYS). You are urged to check this site periodically for updates on the work of the Task Force appointed earlier this semester, with representatives from across our campus, charged with developing a FYS for our incoming freshmen.

May 17, 2016

The First-Year Seminar Task Force completed its work for this academic year on Friday, April 22, 2016. Work to design a FYS for MSU will start again with the beginning of the fall semester. At that point, the Task Force will be looking at three potential models or combinations of attributes from the three to arrive at a model that can be shared with the campus community sometime during the fall semester. Those three models, created/adopted by the Task Force, can be found under Proposed FYS Models on the First-Year Seminar Task Force website.

November 12, 2015

On Friday, November 6th, five MSU faculty who have taught First-Year Seminars at other institutions met with the FYS Task Force to share their experiences. The Task Force wants to thank Dr. Raj Desai, Ms. Stephanie Baker, Mr. Christopher D’Amico, Dr. Ann Maria Leimer, and Dr. David Rankin for the information provided and for graciously taking the time to share with the Task Force. There were many valuable takeaways from this meeting, and we are already seeing some of these coming into play as part of the agendas of upcoming Subcommittee meetings. The meetings for the remaining time in the fall semester have been set, so expect some substantive proposals coming forward for discussion before we break for the holidays.

October 27, 2015

The Task Force has completed its review of our fellow COPLAC institutions along with a number of institutions in Texas relative to their FYS models and experience. With that information in hand as well as several lengthy discussions of how to proceed with the development of our own FYS, the Task Force has been broken into two subcommittees with co-facilitators for each committee with their respective assignments. Below, please find the two subcommittees that began their work on Sept. 23rd. Other subcommittees have been appointed that will deal with several other issues as they arise, and they are also listed.

First-Year Seminar Task Force Subcommittees

  • Seminar Curriculum Development
    • Pam Moss and Angie Reay, Co-Facilitators
    • Todd Giles
    • Tyler Garcia
    • Charles Watson
    • Ruth Morrow
    • Julie Wood
    • Suzanne Lindt
    • Michael Mills
    • Rachael Smith
  • Instructor Recruitment, Training, and Use of Peer Leaders
    • Jennifer Anderson and Cammie Dean, Co-Facilitators
    • Tim Torres
    • Deidre Frazier
    • Linda Veazey
    • Newman Wong
    • Chris Stoval
  • Campus Communication/Website
    • Robert Clark
    • Newman Wong
  •  Administration and Logistics
    • Robert Clark
    • Betty Stewart
  • Assessment
    • Robert Clark
    • Newman Wong
    • Michael Mills
    • Chris Stovall