In accordance with federal guidelines, if a school has a written arrangement with one or more other schools to provide a portion of a program, the arrangements should be disclosed and the implications explained to all prospective and enrolled students. Midwestern State University provides to prospective and enrolled students a description of any written arrangements the school has entered into, including:

  • the portion of the program MSU is not providing,
  • the name and location of the other school(s) or organization(s) providing a portion of the program,
  • the method of delivery for the portion of the program not provided by MSU itself,  and
  • the estimated additional costs students may incur by enrolling in the program offered in the specified manner.

Midwestern State University is currently entered into written arrangements with various schools/entities, and the above information is detailed within each program where copies of the agreements are kept on file.  You may contact the Chair of your program of study should you have any questions regarding written arrangements with other schools/entities and, upon request, you may view those written arrangements. Written arrangements that involve more than one academic college are kept on file in the Office of the Provost, Hardin Administration Building, Room 114.