Consortium agreements allow students to enroll in courses at another institution (also known as the 'Host' institution) that are transferrable to his/her degree program at MSU.  Consortium agreements allow a student to be registered at both institutions simultaneously while receiving Federal financial aid at MSU based on the combined enrollment of both institutions. Institutional scholarships such as Academic Merit and Institutional grants such as TPEG (Texas Public Education Grant) and the MSU Gold grant are awarded and disbursed based on MSU enrollment hours only.

  1. The enrollment period at the Host institution must coincide with the MSU enrollment period, as follows: 
  • Fall:  August - December 
  • Spring: January - May
  • Summer 1: June - July
  • Summer 2: July – August


  1. The Consortium Agreement form (as detailed below) must be received in the MSU Financial Aid Office on/before the following deadline dates:
  • Fall Submission Dates: August 1 - September 15
  • Spring Submission Dates: December 1 - February 15
  • Summer 1 Submission Dates: May 1 - June 15
  • Summer 2 Submission Dates: June 1 - July 15
  1. Student must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program and enrolled in at least one class at MSU during the consortium enrollment period.
  2. Student must be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress at MSU.
  3. Student cannot be receiving financial aid (grants/loans) at the Host institution.
  4. Student must notify the MSU Financial Aid Office within two business days of any dropped/withdrawn courses; dropping/withdrawing from registered courses at MSU or the Host institution could result in the cancellation of all or part of the student's financial aid.
  5. Students are responsible to pay all tuition and fees at the Host institution; MSU will not pay the Host institution.
  6. An unofficial academic transcript from the Host institution (which may be printed from the Host institution's website) must be submitted to the MSU Financial Aid Office at the end of the semester; a 'hold' will be placed on the student's grades/records until the transcript(s) is received and future registration/disbursement of aid, if any, will not be released until the Host institution's unofficial academic transcript(s) is received in the MSU Financial Aid Office.
  7. AND, you must also submit an OFFICIAL academic transcript to the MSU Registrar's Office at the end of the semester to confirm completion of your course(s). NOTE: Failure to provide the academic transcript will result in a ‘hold’ being placed on my grades/records until the transcript(s) is received.




A student who wishes to have a consortium completed must print and complete the 'Consortium Agreement' form in accordance with the following (NOTE: Incomplete forms will not be accepted): 

Step 1: Complete your student information AND indicate the number of hours for which you will be enrolled at each institution AND indicate the Host institution you will be attending. 

Also, indicate the enrollment period for which you are requesting the consortium; CHECK ONLY ONE ENROLLMENT PERIOD as you must complete a separate consortium form for EACH enrollment period for which you are requesting the consortium.

Step 2: List the course(s) for which you will enroll at the Host institution. Visit with your MSU academic advisor to ensure the course(s) will apply towards your MSU degree. Upon agreement, your MSU academic advisor must complete/sign the consortium form to confirm the course(s) will apply towards your MSU degree.  NOTE: read this important information regarding Repeating Coursework.

Step 3: YOU (the student) must submit the form in it’s entirety to the Host institution's Financial Aid Office to complete/certify the Consortium Agreement.  The Host Institution must submit the Consortium Agreement to MSU Financial Aid.