All pre-medicine, pre-veterinary medicine, and pre-dental students are eligible to take part in a Health Professions Advisory Committee interview. This interview is for the purpose of writing letters of recommendation and/or providing scholarships to eligible candidates. Interviews are conducted in the spring semester and applications are usually due around mid February. Students are encouraged to apply. Information and application material are below.

Sophomore and Juniors interested in Scholarships and/or a committee letter of recommendation may apply using the following links (pre-medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine only).

These interviews occur every spring semester.  The due date for the interview packet will be 5 pm on the second Friday of February.  Use the links below to fill out forms, print them off and, turn into the chemistry office (BO307) c/o Christopher A. Hansen

Expect the interviews to occur on the first and/or second Tuesday and Thursday of March (unless informed otherwise).  You will be notified the time, date and location of your interview by email once all applications have been received.

ALL FORMS MUST BE TYPED! Passport type pictures must be attached (or copy and pasted) to the form.