The Dental Early Admissions Program (DEAP) is a partnership between Midwestern State University and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCA) Dental School. DEAP is a (3+4) program for early acceptance into dental school. By participating in DEAP a student may begin dental school at UTHSCA after their third year of college and credits earned during dental school are transferred back to MSU for the bachelor's degree.

Students interested in DEAP should contact Dr. Chris Hansen or the MCOSME academic advisor during their first semester to set up an appointment to discuss their candidacy.

DEAP Brochure

DEAP Application

DEAP guidelines

  1. Only Texas Residents can apply.
  2. The program is for students straight out of high school. (Students are allowed to go to community college the summer after high school before entering the freshman semester).
  3. Students cannot transfer to another University with a DEAP program. Students apply early in the Spring Semester of their first year. They cannot have more than 30 hrs. 
  4. Deadline for applications is March 31st.
  5. DEAP applicants have to complete all DEAP prerequisites at MSU and must attend the University for 3 years. 
  6. No deferments permitted.
  7. It is a competitive process; not all applicants will be accepted. 
  8. Interviews are conducted in April and May. 
  9. Deadline for TMDSAS application is October 1 in the third year.
  10. Deadline for DAT is November 1 in the third year. 
  11. Minimum Average GPA and Science GPA is 3.4 and DAT of 19.