The American Chemical Society (ACS) is committed to improving people's lives through the transforming power of chemistry. MSU's student affiliates of ACS chapter is linked to the national ACS organization. The MSU chapter of Student Affiliates of ACS conducts social, academic and outreach activities.

  • Academic

On campus we host activities for National Chemistry Week to help our community understand the importance of chemistry to their everyday lives. Our chapter attends the national meetings of the American Chemical Society.

  • Outreach

The chapter conducts numerous outreach events including chemistry fairs for Boys and Girls Club of Wichita Falls and for Bowie ISD. We also host the Chemistry Olympiad for high school students and the Chemistry Merit Badge for the Northwest Texas Council Merit Badge College.

  • Social

The chapter annually participates in homecoming events including the banner competition and the annual homecoming cardboard boat race on Sikes Lake.


Become a member!

It does not cost anything to be a member of the student chapter of ACS at MSU Texas. You can just show up to meetings and enjoy in the festivities. To become a member of the national ACS organization as a student contact Dr. Chris Hansen or Raelene Keesling to get information on membership. Membership costs $10 a year.