Department of Biology

Biology at Midwestern State University prepares students to pursue exciting careers in all areas of the Life Sciences

Dalquest Desert Research Station

Situated in the Chihuahan desert of West Texas, the DDRS provides unique research opportunities for MSU students and faculty.

UGROW  & EURECA Student Research

The Biology Department supports both undergraduate and graduate student research. Visit Faculty Webpages for research project details.

UGROW is a 5 week, interdisciplinary summer program of collaborative research between undergraduates and faculty mentors.

EURECA sponsors student-faculty collaborative efforts during the long semesters.


Tropical Rainforest Ecology

This unique course allows students to explore the tropical rainforests of Central America. It consists of an intensive two week classroom portion followed by an exciting two week stint at research stations operated by ANCON Expeditions in Panama. This course is available in the second summer semester of even-numbered years.  For further details contact Dr. Jon Scales or Dr. William Cook.