About Intramural Grants

As part of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research mission to support and enhance research across MSU, Intramural Grants are designed to encourage, facilitate and support the research efforts of MSU faculty. These seed grants support faculty initiatives in all disciplines, including basic, applied, and pedagogical research as well as creative projects. These awards are intended to support the research trajectory of individual faculty members as well as catalyze future external grant proposals. Priority will be given to applicants with plans to use the results of their intramural grant to explore external funding opportunities.

The number of awards made are contingent on the availability of funds as well as the quality and quantity of applications received. Intramural grants are awarded in the Fall semester of each academic year. If there is sufficient funding, a second request for proposals may be sent out in the spring for faculty to apply for short-term summer intramural grants.

To be considered for funding, all intramural grant proposals must adhere to the guidelines stated in this document and on the application form. Incomplete and/or noncompliant proposals may be declined without review.

Spring 2024 Faculty Intramural Grants

To download the full guidelines and application materials, please visit the Spring 2024 Intramural Grants Share Point. To access, you must log in using your MSU credentials.

If you need assistance, please contact Brittany Norman or Courtney Hoover at sponsoredprograms@msutexas.edu.