For all languages taught at Midwestern, a student may receive credit by exam for any or all of the four introductory semesters of study. These include the first-year, four-hour courses 1134 and 1234 and the second-year, three-hour courses 2133 and 2233. A student can take more than one test (up to two per test date), but he or she must have credit for earlier semesters before he or she can take the test for the more advanced semester in the four-course sequence. Additionally, no credit will be awarded for any course (or its equivalent) that appears in any shape or form on the transcript of any institution of higher education which the student has attended.

Proficiency tests are administered the week before the beginning of the fall, spring, and first summer sessions. A student must pay thirty-five dollars to take the test for each semester of credit desired at the MSU Business Office (in the Hardin Building); bring that receipt, a photo ID, and a #2 pencil to the testing site at 1:00 p.m. on the indicated day). The minimal acceptable grade on the test in order for the student to receive the grade and credit hours is a "C", but the student does have the option of either accepting or rejecting the grade and credit hours. Both the grade and the credit hours will be posted to the students transcript.

Grades received for proficiency exams do not count towards the honors degree.

A student may only take each level of the proficiency exams one time.

Proficiency Exam Date Information
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