Proficiency Exams

For all languages taught at Midwestern, a student may receive credit by exam for any or all of the four introductory semesters of study. These include the first year four-hour courses 1134 and 1234 and the second year three-hour courses 2133 and 2233. A student can take more than one test, but he or she must have credit for earlier semesters before he or she can take the test for the more advanced semester in the four-course sequence.

Proficiency tests are usually administered about a week before the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and before the first summer session. A student must pay thirty-five dollars to take the test for each semester of credit desired. If the test is at least a "C", a student can accept that grade, which serves as the grade on his or her transcript for that course.

Grades received for proficiency exams do not count towards the honors degree.

A student may only take each level of the proficiency one time.