Welcome to Midwestern State University's Gordon T. and Ellen West College of Education

I want to personally welcome you to the West College of Education at Midwestern State University. Our mission, as a community of learners, is to prepare successful, reflective professionals through the use of best practice. Although the West College of Education has its roots in the preparation of teachers, principals, and school counselors, we also seek to prepare individuals who want to work as dyslexia specialists, reading specialists, educational diagnosticians, general counselors and professionals in sports and leisure studies.

The West College of Education believes that learning changes both individuals and society. Developing resiliency and tolerance enhances an individual's potential. Through education, the individual becomes a critical thinker and an effective problem solver. Individuals with a cause beyond self contribute to an informed, democratic, and synergistic society. Our faculty continually strives to establish a reflective and collaborative community to enhance the potential of both the learner and society.

My goal, as dean, is to identify bright individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of others, and provide them with the knowledge and understanding to make a significant impact. Whether you seek a career in education or any of the other fields that share our college, we want you to walk away with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to step into a role as a leader in your field.

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Dr. Leann Curry

Interim Dean, West College of Education
CAEP Unit Head 
Chair of Undergraduate Learning
Associate Professor of Curriculum and Learning

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Candidates requesting admission to the West College of Education must request access to the TK20 system through the link above and submit their application online.