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Summer 2021 London Brochure

MBA Study Abroad - London, England

Dillard College of Business, along with its consortium partners, is excited to announce our study abroad program in London, England. Students have the opportunity to study in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world. The program is a six-hour course with three hours awarded for lecture and three hours for individual research.  Classes are small and include a mixture of professor lectures, guest lectures from the European Business community, field trip experience to various E.U. points of interest and individual research.

BUAD 5993     International Issues in Business     3 (3-0)

MBA students will learn about international issues in business while in London. This course examines marketing, management, accounting, finance, and economics components of businesses in a global context. Each student will also complete a research paper with the topic chosen by student and professor of record. Students will visit places such as the Canary Wharf Group, Silicon Roundabout, International Accounting Standards Board, International Maritime Organization, Mini Cooper Plant in Oxford, and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Classes typically run Monday through Thursday. Attendance in class and class-related activities is mandatory. A mini-break during the session will allow you time to travel throughout England and Western Europe.

This six-hour course satisfies the six-hour elective requirement of the MBA degree plan. Another self-selected three-hour course is needed to fully complete nine hours elective requirement for MBA students.


The cost of the MBA British Study Abroad is approximately $7,350. This price includes round-trip airfare from your departure city to London and all program-related transportation, MSU Texas tuition and fees for six hours, lodging at Queen Mary University, and an International Student ID card.

Students are responsible for personal expenses such as meals/food, entertainment/optional weekend activities and excursions, and a one-month underground tube pass. 

MBA students are eligible to apply for scholarships through the Global Education Office. Scholarships are available from both the MSU Global Education Office and the Dillard College of Business.

The MBA British Study Abroad program is qualified for standard financial aid grants and loans.  Financial aid applications can be found at MSU Texas Financial Aid

For more information visit MSU Texas Study Abroad