Accessible documents allow all users to access and navigate documents in a more user-friendly way. Creating accessible documents also helps make the use of assistive technology more effective and usable.

The following documents and guides are available to help assist you in making documents accessible.


How to Create Accessible Word Documents

Make your Word docs accessible (Microsoft)

Word Accessibility Guide (WebAim)

How to Create Accessible PDF Files

In order to create and check the accessibility of PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Pro will need to be purchased and downloaded.

Accessible PDF (Adobe)

Adobe Product Accessibility Tutorials (Adobe)

Create Accessible PDFs (Microsoft)

PDF Accessibility (WebAim)


How to Create Accessible Excel Spreadsheets

Make your Excel spreadsheets accessible (Microsoft)

How to Create Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Accessibility (WebAim)

Make your PowerPoint presentations accessible (Microsoft)


Additional Documents

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