President's Message

Dr. Suzanne Shipley sitting in a char.

We have much to celebrate at MSU Texas during the 2018-2019 academic year. Construction is progressing on three major projects, most obviously the Health Sciences and Human Services (HSHS) building to house the Robert D. and Carol Gunn College. Completion of the building is on schedule for the end of the academic year and will host summer classes in 2019. The Moffett Library renovation will be ongoing through this year as we transform one floor at a time in our welcoming historical library.  Modernized features of the library will serve today’s students with easier access to technology and more collaborative learning space. Once the HSHS project is complete we will begin renovation of Bridwell Hall to make a new home for our West College of Education and Facilities Services, as well as the Counseling Center. This will allow us to use the heart of the campus, the Daniel Building for student life activities. And finally, our campus police have found a new home just across Midwestern Parkway to the west of the Redwine Wellness Center and our Wichita Falls Museum of Art.

A new outreach option that traditional students may notice occurring is the newly opened Lifelong Learning Center on Hampstead Lane. There, our community members who are interested in learning from each other will meet Tuesdays through Thursdays to engage in vibrant conversations, debates, and lectures. We all look forward to the energy this group will bring to our campus.

Our site for working adult learners is now open in Flower Mound. About a dozen classes on site and more online are available for fall, enrolling about 150 students in four major programs. We are excited about our growing partnership with North Central Texas College (NCTC) located with us at Parker Square. I hope you also see us soon at other colleges in the DFW area to facilitate offering four-year degrees to students in the region.

We are pleased to have a name for our last academic college, the McCoy College of Science, Mathematics & Engineering in honor of the generosity of Jim and Vicki McCoy. The college, located in Bolin Hall and McCoy Hall, will proudly bear the names of these wonderful benefactors. Also due to donor largess, we are launching an exciting new venture in Agribusiness as a concentration in Economics. Inspired by Carol Dillard, who ranches in the region, and supported by others who wish to develop this important career field, the concentration will enhance our students’ ability to work in the modern competitive environment of agribusiness.

These programs supplement our promising new minors in computational science, cybersecurity, and high performance computing as well as our intent to offer interdisciplinary minors for majors in every area. It is a great time to be a public liberal arts university. We prepare students for the twenty-first century, ready to embark on personal and professional pathways that will be marked by dynamic change. Our personal attention to students will prepare them well to continue learning throughout their lives as they develop leadership skills and abilities to serve them well.

This year, the Lone Star Conference will continue to thrive and our MSU Mustangs hope to play a leading role in the competition on the fields, courts, and courses of our conference. Please join us for the great fan experiences we offer across our campus. Please support our hard-working student-athletes and their dedicated coaches by attending events throughout the year. Go Mustangs!

Our thanks to everyone on our faculty and staff who contribute to this vibrant, thriving community. You create our Mustangs pride. You make MSU Texas the destination residential university in the State of Texas.

Dr. Suzanne Shipley