Charlye O. Farris Social Justice Resource Center

  • Statement of purpose. The purpose of the Charlye O. Farris Social Justice Resource Center (SJRC) is to serve as a hub of education and advocacy. We strive to build community connections around the issues of racial and social justice through activities encouraging reflection and dialogue. We provide training and development opportunities for community leaders and business partners focused on improving equity and inclusion in their organizations. The Charlye O. Farris SJRC… turning intentions into actions.

    About Charlye O. Farris. A Wichita Falls native, Farris received her Bachelor’s Degree (1948) in Political Science and went on to study law at Howard University. She was the first Black lawyer to practice actively in Wichita County, and the “first black person to serve as a judge in the south since Reconstruction.” She served on the Board of Regents at Midwestern State University from 2006 to 2010.

    What is social justice? Attempting to determine how we can best contribute to the creation of a more equitable, respectful, and just society for everyone. Both process and goal, social justice demands we address the policies, practices and behaviors that slow our progress toward being an equitable campus. Social justice, as a framework, guides us to recognize and resist unfairness in decision-making and resource distribution – and to cultivate a community that is safe and secure for everyone.