PLEASE NOTE—Failure to observe these guidelines may result in a student being required to take the exam along with their regular class without accommodations!



Exams can be scheduled in person at Disability Support Services Office (CSC 168), by telephone at (940) 397-4140, or by e-mail using the on-line form.

Regular class exams must be scheduled a MINIMUM of three working days in advance by the student.  (A student giving notification on Monday will allow the student to take the exam on Thursday – provided there is space.) 

Any changes in exam day/time require a minimum of three working days advance notice and advance approval (obtained by the student) from the professor.


FINAL EXAMS NEED TO BE SCHEDULED A MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE!!!  Disability Support Services will assign the date and time of the exam!

Students are responsible for checking their class schedules and planning to take their exams within time frames that allow for the extra time that might be required.  If a student knowingly schedules during a time frame that does not allow the full allowed amount of time, the student forfeits their right to full extended time. 

Exam date and time must be agreed upon by the student and professor BEFORE the exam is scheduled with Disability Support Services.

It is the student’s responsibility to be sure that all exams are scheduled with sufficient time to be finished before 5:00 pm.  (All exams ending after 4:50 pm will be delivered back to the department office the following business day.)  When MSU is operating on the ten hour/four day work schedule, exams must be completed by 6:00 pm.



Student needs to arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time in order to get together all necessary items for testing.  Study preparations should be completed before entering the office of Disability Support Services. 

Student should be READY and waiting to be called at the scheduled time. 

Testing time will begin at the scheduled time—extended time will be cut if the student arrives late.

If a student has not arrived and started their exam within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, the exam will be returned to the instructor.  It will only be administered upon written or verbal permission from the instructor.

No book bags, purses, cell phones or pagers will be allowed in the testing area.    

Student will be allowed to use only the items the instructor has approved in writing for use on the exam.

Disability Support Services has the right to inspect pockets, coat pockets or hats before or during testing.

Disability Support Services does not have the authority to allow restroom breaks, unless that is an accommodation.  Any instance will be noted to the instructor, and repercussions will be administered at the instructor’s discretion. 

Student is responsible for following instructions on the exam and will assume any penalties that occur due to misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Student will be allowed to use only the amount of time allowed under agreement with student’s accommodations.

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