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The Priddy Scholars Application Essay

All applicants must submit a 500 word essay on ONE of the following topics. When completing the application, you will select one of the topics below that you would like to address; on a following page, you will have the option of submitting your essay directly through the form or uploading a document or PDF. (We recommend uploading! 

  • Service. Why are you inspired to serve? What have you gained from past service experiences? How do you see yourself serving in your future?
  • Vision. Where do you see yourself ten years from now? How will your Midwestern State University education help you to achieve your goals? What impact do you expect participation in The Priddy Foundation Scholars Program have on your life?
  • Persistence. What obstacles or difficulties have you overcome to be successful? How do you motivate yourself when life is challenging?
  • Family. As a first generation student, what do you believe will be the impact of your future academic and professional success.

*NOTE: Recipients of this scholarship and program are selected through a highly competitive application and interview process. All applications will be reviewed after the April 1 deadline. (For that reason, it is advisable to take your time and prepare your answers carefully. Proofread your essay, and consider asking someone to review it with you, before submitting.) Recommendation letters are NOT required; however, there is an opportunity to upload additional information near the end of the application.