To ensure that research accomplished by students, staff, and faculty under the auspices of the university is in compliance with federal regulations (Title 45 Part 46 Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46))  related to the protection of privacy, safety, health, and welfare of persons who are subjects in that research.


Midwestern State University places special importance on a faculty member’s commitment to quality teaching, scholarship, and service to the university, the community, and the profession. As part of the scholarship component, students, both graduate and undergraduate, are encouraged to engage with their teachers in research as part of their Midwestern State University experience. Research is therefore viewed as a means for both enhancing teaching and learning, and for developing and promoting Midwestern State University. Because faculty and students of the university may utilize human subjects from time to time in conducting research, safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects is of prime concern to Midwestern State University. All personnel engaged in any given study are accountable for any actions or inactions that might contribute to injury of any persons placed at risk. The university will maintain such reviews as necessary to minimize the risks of injury to human subjects and to insure protection of their rights and welfare. The fundamental responsibilities outlined above are meant to suggest a preventive attitude with respect to potential injury to human subjects at risk.

As federally mandated and required by the MSU IRB, all researchers and individuals involved in project activity must complete a self-study course in human subject protection. This requirement may be satisfied by taking one of the CITI courses shown in the able below  within the last three years. Keep a copy of the completion certificate in a safe place. The certificate is good for three years. Certificates must be current throughout the duration of the research conducted under IRB oversight.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

You must set up an account to use the CITI program. On the CITI homepage, click on the “Register” box in the upper right corner. Under “Select Your Organization Affiliation,” type in and select “Midwestern State University.” Follow the instructions to continue with your account set-up (username and password).

, please contact your instructor or faculty mentor for assistance.
Faculty and staff, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research at sponsoredprograms@msutexas.edu.

What happened to the NIH course? As of September 27, 2018, the NIH discontinued its free Protecting Human Research Participants training course. Access to the course or previous certificates is no longer available.

Trying to decide which course to take? Check out the charts below.

If you are Faculty or a Graduate Student working with… Complete this CITI Training
Biomedical Research on Human Subjects Human Subjects Research (HSR)-Biomedical Basic Course
Social and Behavioral Research on Human Subjects Human Subjects Research (HSR)- Social-Behavioral-Educational Basic Course
Social or Behavioral Intervention Research Good Clinical Practice (GCP)- Social and Behavioral Research Best Practices for Clinical Research Course
HIPPA Data- Data in the health sciences Information Privacy & Security (IPS)- Health Privacy (HIPPA)


If you are an Undergraduate Student(s) conducting/participating in a research study… Complete the:
Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Basic Course

Please consult the MSU Policy Manual for complete descriptions of University policies.


IRB Protocol Application

For all proposal applications, download and complete the appropriate forms, and submit a single PDF via email.


Forward them to the IRB member from your college identified to the left.

All applications must be prepared on a word processor; no hand written applications are accepted.

Each application must have the appropriate signatures indicating that the proposal has been read, reviewed, and approved within the originating department and college and that the proposal conforms to accepted practical and ethical standards of the discipline. This must occur prior to submission for IRB consideration.

Applications requesting "Exempt" status are processed as received. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for review and response.

Applications requesting "Expedited" status are processed as received. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for review and response.

Applications requesting full review are considered and commented on by all members of the IRB. In some instances the committee will call a special meeting for consideration of individual proposals. Please allow up to eight weeks for review and response.

Notification of approved proposals will be by e-mail. Please ensure your e-mail, or your supervisor's e-mail address is listed on the documents submitted.