Annual Reports and Audit Plans

Texas Government Code, Section 2102.015, requires higher education institutions to post certain information on their internet websites. To comply with the code, the Office of Internal Audits’ Annual Report and Audit Plans are posted on its web page within 30 days following Board of Regents’ approval.

Annual Reports

The purpose of the annual report is to provide information on the assurance services, consulting services, and other activities of the internal audit function. Submission of the annual report complies with the Texas Internal Auditing Act (Texas Government Code, Section 2102.009), the Office of Internal Audits Charter, and the rules and regulations of the Board of Regents of Midwestern State University.

Fiscal Year 2020 Internal Audit Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2019 Internal Audit Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2018 Internal Audit Annual Report

Audit Plans

Texas Government Code, Section 2102.005, requires state agencies to conduct a program of internal auditing which includes the annual preparation of an audit plan. The plan must use risk assessment techniques and identify the individual audits to be conducted. It is intended to ensure that internal audit coverage adequately examines the areas with the greatest exposure to the key risks that could affect the University’s ability to achieve its objectives.

Fiscal Year 2021 Audit Plan

Fiscal Year 2020 Audit Plan

Fiscal Year 2019 Audit Plan

Content Updated March 2021