Congratulations to all participants in the 21st UGRCA Forum! 

Below is a list of the top winners from each participating college. 


Dillard College of Business Administration

1st Place:  Anne Akpabio, “The Impact of management efficiency on mergers and acquisitions' completion,” accounting; mentor: Lin Wang

Gunn College of Health Science and Human Services

1st Place:  Myia Davis, Jessica Walla, “An analysis of Compton scatter intensities under different clinical conditions," radiologic technology; mentor: Rodney Fisher

McCoy College of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering

1st Place: Sharome Burton, “Controls architecture for an autonomy-ready battery-electric passenger vehicle," computer science/engineering; mentor: Yu Guo

2nd Place: Francine Pascal, “Effect of tryptophan and its derivatives indole and serotonin on Candida albicans germination," biology; mentor: James Masuoka

3rd Place:  Zaniya Medlin, “Genetic typing of E. coli from local waterfowl," biology; mentor: James Masuoka


Fain College of Fine Arts

1st Place: Bailey Graham, Casee Harl, “Breaking the illusion: AI-generated images, photojournalism, and media credibility,” mass communication; mentor: Bradley Wilson

McCoy College of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering

1st Place: Elizabeth Horn, Danielle Egwim, Jada Rhodes, “Vortex-based vertical axis wind turbine,” engineering; mentor: Salim Azzouz

2nd Place: Abigail Matthew, “Using membrane protein chaperone to prevent and disrupt familial mutant of alpha-synuclein protein aggregation in Parkinson’s Disease," chemistry; mentor: Fu-Cheng Liang

3rd Place: Jesse Green, Theron Honore, Elias Tezaguic, “Fabrication and testing of engine dynamometer for FSAE car,” engineering; mentor: Pranaya Pokharel

 Prothro Yeager College of Humanities and Social Services

1st Place: Federica Manno, Jackson Redding, “Neighborhood pollution and environmental activism: A cross-country analysis," political science; mentor: Juheon Lee

2nd Place:  Andres Revis, “The Lao perspective in the bombing of Laos during the Cold War,” history and French; mentors: Mike Rattanasengchanh, Eric Lynch


The 21st Undergraduate Research & Creativity Activity Abstract Program is now live! 




EURECA Proposals for Spring 24 are open. 

  • Application Form Link and Guidelines are in the Sidebar on the left. 
  • Review the Nuts & Bolts workshop slides for highlights
  • contact the UGR Office with any questions
  • Deadline: December 1st, 2023

 Fall 23 EURECA Scholars



  • June 1: EURECA Proposal Deadline for Fall--Call for Proposals Opens in April 
  • December 1: EURECA Proposal Deadline for Spring Call for Proposals Opens in November


Preparing Successful Presentations- TBD. The UGR office team will guide you through creating successful oral and poster presentations. Get ready for your next conference/forum/class presentation. In case you miss it: 

 The Nuts & Bolts of Submitting the EURECA Proposal Workshop: The UGR team dissects the sections of the EURECA proposal form for a stellar proposal.   Nuts & Bolts of Submitting the EURECA Proposal Workshop Slides



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The dissemination of research is a goal. But at what cost? Dr. Marcy Brown-Marsden, Dean of the McCoy College of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering, has some wise guidance on distinguishing between credible and predatory journals.

Enhancing Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (EURECA) became Midwestern State University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) in April 2013.

Midwestern State University defines undergraduate research as follows:

Undergraduate research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by one or more undergraduate students, with faculty guidance, that attempts to make an intellectual, creative, or applied contribution to one or more disciplines.

Mission Statement

To promote and facilitate undergraduate research by providing incentives and a support system for undergraduate students to engage in high-quality research endeavors and creative activities in an interdisciplinary environment.


  • Promote interdisciplinary & cross-disciplinary research/creative activity collaborative partnerships among students and faculty, to enhance your educational experience.
  • Provide access for all students to learn basic research skills.
  • Provide students opportunities for improvement and implementation of visual, oral, and written communication skills through the Student Forum.


  • Be part of a unique MSU endeavor
  • Receive a stipend up to $1,000 (included scholarship and funding for materials and supplies)
  • Explore beyond the classroom
  • Present your research/creative activity at regional & national conferences
  • Limited funding available for travel to conferences

Application Process

Student and faculty apply to the program online. Members of  the Undergraduate Research Advisory and Assessment Committees, as well as a panel of faculty peers evaluate the proposals and make recommendations to the Director of Undergraduate Research. Links to the application and guidelines are on the left side of this page. 

Student Requirements and Expectations


  • Incoming freshmen: ACT score of 25, or SAT of 1130 or, top 25% of the high school graduating class
  • Overall GPA of 2.50
  • Major GPA of 2.75
  • Enroll in no more than 15 credit semester hours
  • Enroll in Creative Inquiry: Interdisciplinary Thinking, part of the Learning Community core (MWSU2003/4000)


  • Commit to make an intellectual, creative, or applied contribution to one or more discipline
  • Enroll and successfully complete Creative Inquiry: Interdisciplinary Thinking (MWSU 2003/4000)
  • Attend all planned EURECA workshops, presentations, & forums
  • Attend monthly meetings as scheduled
  • Present results of your project at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum
  • Write a reflective personal essay on your EURECA experience
  • Participate in all assessment activities


EURECA  student scholarships and  faculty stipends are awarded to completed proposals receiving qualifying scores. Individual student scholarships funds are awarded accordingly based on time commitment, attending required events, and completing required reports during the semester. 

MSU Texas Faculty Finder for Mentorship in Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum

The UGRCA Forum, held in the Fall and Spring terms, is open to MSU students and faculty who are required to present undergraduate research. Students must submit a mentor-approved abstract of their research project to the UGR office during the Call for Abstracts each semester. 

Research projects could be, but are not limited to Capstone,  Senior Design, Honors Programs, Senior Art Exhibit, Senior Film Documentary, Study Abroad, EURECA, UGROW, or course projects. 

EURECA Scholars are required to present at the UGRCA Forum to complete their funding cycle.

Presentation categories are Oral (Podium), Poster, Creative Activity, and Emerging Research.  To learn more about these categories, please attend our "Preparing Winning Presentations Workshop"

External Research & Intern Opportunities

Are you looking for a Research or Internship Opportunity outside of MSU to enhance your undergraduate research portfolio?  The OSPR and UGR offices are happy to help you find and apply to outside agencies, federal agencies, and grant-funded organizations that offer funding for research opportunities.