MSU Texas-Dual Credit allows the opportunity for high school students to experience a college environment. MSU Texas-Dual Credit means access to classes, transferable college credits, library resources, cultural and athletic events and much more.  Additionally, students taking dual credit courses through MSU Texas may be eligible to receive the Dual Credit Scholarship.  This is awarded to degree seeking freshmen after high school graduation.



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Dual credit students are required to maintain good academic standing with the university and their high school.  Students should be aware that taking college classes through dual credit results in the establishment of a collegiate academic record and students earn a college grade point average. Students can take MSU core classes and they will count as dual credit courses at their high school.  Students must submit an official MSU transcript to any institution where admission is sought.  

All inquiries about MSU Texas-Dual Credit should be addressed to:

MSU Admissions
3410 Taft Blvd.
Wichita Falls TX 76308
(940) 397-4334