The accelerated Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree with a major in Computer Science is designed to accelerate a student's education so that both BS and MS degrees can be earned in approximately five years of full-time study. The accelerated program enables well-qualified undergraduate students in their senior year to take three approved graduate level courses and to earn up to 9 semester hours credit by examination for advanced undergraduate courses in their undergraduate degree plan.


The advantages of the accelerated BS/MS degree in Computer Science include earlier participation in graduate studies, identifying research interests in the discipline sooner, and reducing the total semester credit hours to earn the BS/MS degree by nine semester credit hours.

Admission and Program Requirements

To see the BS/MS in computer science degree plan visit the degree plans page. Admissions requirements are listed in the 2021-22 catalog. 

How to Apply

Students can download the accelerated program application at the application link. The application requires a recommendation letter from their undergraduate advisor.

Accelerated Program Application Deadlines:    

  • Summer and Fall Terms – May 15 (before Senior Year)
  • Spring Term – December 15 (Fall before Senior Year)

Students who are admitted to the accelerated BS and MS degree program with a major in Computer Science may opt-out in their fourth year and receive the BS degree provided that all requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Computer Science have been satisfactorily completed, with the allowed credit by examinations. Students accepted to the accelerated program must file a graduate school application.

Students who are denied admission to the accelerated program may apply to the graduate program through the normal admission process. All necessary fees, test requirements, and any other admission criteria will apply.

Additional information regarding the accelerated program may be obtained from:

Dr. Nelson Passos
Professor and Graduate Coordinator