Deepen your musicianship skills and design a Kodály-inspired curriculum that celebrates the uniqueness of your students and your specific teaching situation. Faculty are diverse in experience, teaching Pre-K through graduate levels, and they combine experiences inclusive of elementary, choral, and instrumental. The setting is pastoral and quiet, and facilities are excellent. The curriculum combines a strong basis in Kodály tradition and time-tested methodology with research-based innovation and openness to the most effective new techniques and tools, including those found in other approaches.

NOTE: The Kodály Teacher Institute is offered only in the summer.

Kodály (Post-Baccalaureate)

Application Requirements
Application requirements must be submitted to the Office of Admissions.
• Bachelor's Degree
Application to McAda Graduate School
• $50 Application Fee
• Official Transcripts (from all institutions attended other than MSU)

Delivery Method
• Face to Face

Application Instructions: How to Apply
Program Website:
Department of Music
Program Coordinator:
 Dr. Susan Harvey