The History program at Midwestern State University offers courses in American, European, Latin American, British, Russian, and Middle East History. The small class sizes allow the faculty to work closely with students—frequently on a one-on-one basis. Furthermore, the small class sizes allow the faculty to effectively prepare students in the discipline of History, but it also allows students to improve on their weaknesses and further develop their strengths.

Many graduates of the History program go on to teach in public schools or at the collegiate level. The courses are designed to prepare students to meet the demands of a career in teaching or to pursue a doctoral degree. Students who choose not to teach often go into fields such as journalism, museum work, library work, government work, or the business world. Additionally, a History degree provides an excellent background for law school. A considerable number of MSU students have gone on to major law schools and distinguished careers. Several MSU graduates are currently serving as district attorneys or judges throughout the state, and there are many attorneys in private practice who began their education at MSU.

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Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Tiffany Ziegler