The graduate program in Biology prepares students to become self-sufficient, independent thinkers who work heavily in scientific research. Often, graduates of the program put their skills to use in a variety of fields. The program is the optimal environment for learning. The faculty pride themselves on the 2:5 student-to-professor ratio that they are able to provide. This ratio results in the faculty being approachable and accessed more easily, and it allows professors to provide more one-on-one attention to students who are working on thesis research. The smaller enrollment size of the program means that the graduate and teaching assistantships are not as competitive as they may be at schools with larger enrollment numbers.

Master of Arts - 30 Hours
Master of Science - 30 Hours

Application Requirements
Application requirements must be submitted to the Office of Admissions.
Application to McAda Graduate School
• $50 Application Fee
• Official Transcripts (from all institutions attended other than MSU)
• Application to Biology Program
• Three Letters of Recommendation

Delivery Method
• Face to Face

Application Instructions: How to Apply
Program Website: Graduate Studies in Biology
Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Michael Shipley