Option D: The BAAS Program with Adult Education Emphasis

     The Adult Education Emphasis is a gateway program that provides students with the background to serve an organization in the area of training and development for adults. The course work combines strategies in adult learning, instructional system designs, best practices for adult learners regarding curriculum development, mentoring and the integration of technology into the training and development process. A graduate would be prepared for a career in training and development for the military, civil service, business, or industry.

 Academic Foundation and Core Curriculum (See degree plan)

 Occupational Specialty (39 semester hours)

     Credits toward an area of coherent specialization may be earned from community colleges, this university and other senior institutions (including elective hours), workforce education, vocational or technical schools, armed forces schools, work experiences, and non-traditional learning experiences that can be equated to college credit. To qualify for work experience credit, a student must have 3 consecutive years of full-time employment within the last 6 years. A student may be awarded 2 hours of credit for each qualifying year of job experience related to the student’s occupational specialty up to a maximum of 6 hours. Credit for non-traditional experiences is granted on the basis of evaluation by the Director and the BAAS staff utilizing the National Guide of the American Council on Education (ACE) and other appropriate publications. Documentation will be placed in the student’s permanent file in the Office of the Registrar. A minimum of 24 semester hours in the area of occupational specialty must be completed before the student can be accepted into the program. Cognate vocational technical courses may be accepted within the area of occupational specialty or professional development.

Computer Science (3 hours)    

Professional Development 36 advanced semester hours 

BAAS 4113 - Capstone Project (3)

EDUC 4513 - Introduction to Training and Development (3)

EDUC 4523 - Trends and Issues in Training Development (3)

EDUC 4533 - Instructional Strategies for Adult Learners (3)

ETEC 4003 - Advanced Technology Integration (3)

IDT 4123 - Instructional Technology Design (3)

IDT 4143 - Multimedia Development I (3)

IDT 4173 - Multimedia Development II (3)

12 hours of advanced electives

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