What We Can Do
  • Help you become a better reader and writer
  • Help you brainstorm ideas
  • Provide feedback on clarity, content, organization, etc.
  • Help you navigate the writing process
  • Help you become your own editor
What We Can't Do
  • Edit your paper
  • Guarantee you will get a good grade
  • Address every concern about writing in one session
  • Tell you what to write

When looking at a first draft, writers should begin with global issues such as content and organization before worrying about sentence-level and grammatical issues.  Here are some questions that will help you focus your session:

  • Have I met the requirements of the assignment?
  • How clearly have I articulated my controlling, or main, idea (thesis)?
  • Do my body paragraphs support my main idea? Does each body paragraph provide sufficient details?
  • Does the organization of my paper make sense—do my ideas follow a logical order or sequence?
  • Have I provided transitions that help the reader understand the relationship between paragraphs and/or between sentences?
  • Have I used MLA/APA correctly?
  • Have I used the appropriate style and language for an academic paper?

If you are satisfied with content, organization, and style, and are ready to focus on sentence-level editing, identify specific grammar issues you wish to address:

  • Do I have any comma splices, fused sentences, or fragments?
  • Do my pronouns agree with antecedents?
  • Do my pronouns refer clearly to an antecedent?
  • Have I confused words such as “their” and “there”?