The MSU Charitable Trust presents a unique vehicle to donors who wish to leave a lasting legacy precisely tailored to their individual interests and philanthropic goals.

Established in 1987 with initial funding of $250,000, the Charitable Trust has grown to a total of 15 separately managed, restricted funds with a total market value of approximately $30 million.   In the 2017-2018 academic year, the Trust distributed more than $1 million to MSU to fund scholarships, support faculty research, augment professor salaries, and enhance activities throughout campus. 

Each “restricted fund” is governed by an agreement between the donor and University.   This “restricted fund” agreement may specify the college the donor wishes to support, the purposes or activities for which the funds may be used, and guidelines regarding percentages of the fund that may be distributed annually and minimum balances that must be maintained.  

The Charitable Trust is governed by a group of Co-Trustees representing campus and community leaders.   All distribution requests are submitted to the Co-Trustees for approval to assure that all distributions are in keeping with your intentions as expressed in the fund agreement.   American National Bank & Trust serves as corporate Co-Trustee providing investment management, reporting, record-keeping and other administrative support.

MSU Charitable Trust Co-Trustees:

  • Warren Ayers
  • Mac Cannedy
  • Caven Crosnoe
  • Erwin Davenport
  • Martha Fain
  • Suzanne Shipley
  • Kay Yeager
  • Linda Wilson, representing American National Bank

 To learn more about how you contact can impact the lives of MSU students today, tomorrow and well into the future, contact Tony Vidmar, Vice President of Advancement by email or at 940-397-4782.