ATTENTION: BSRT HESI A2 for Radiological Science Program ONLY

 How to take the HESI exam for MSU Radiological Sciences Admissions ONLY:

 Any questions, please call the BSRT Program AT 940-397-4337.

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account or log on if you already have and account.
  3. Go to the HESI Student Access and select Distance Testing.
  4. Input the program ID (202964), and select A2 1st.
  5. Once the HESI confirms the request, they will send you an eligibility ID and further instructions to schedule with Prometric testing center.
  6. At the time of scheduling you will be prompted to pay Prometric for your test session.  (If a student has an ADA accommodation, they will fill out a form online in the Distance Testing section 6-8 weeks prior to testing,  this will need to be done after requesting your eligibility, but before scheduling their testing session as there is a separate number they will call to make their reservation).
  7. When you arrive to test, you must provide a valid picture ID which must match your name on your reservation.  You will also need to know your username and password from memory.
  8. After testing, results are posted to the Distance Testing department for for MSU Admissions Committee Access.

You are able to take the test only once during an application period.  Minimum score for admission will be determined once all applicants have completed the exam.

 Any questions, please call the BSRT Program AT 940-397-4337.


ATTENTION: HESI A2 for Nursing Programs ONLY: 
The HESI A2 is a computer-based exam required by the MSU Nursing Department in order to apply to their program.

**Vernon College does not offer the HESI A2 that MSU students are required to take!**

  1. How much does the HESI cost?
    The cost of the HESI exam is $57.
  2. What does the HESI consist of and how long is the exam?
    The HESI exam consists of four sections which include reading, grammar, vocabulary and math. The allotted time for the entire exam is 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  3. When will I receive my score report?
    A score report will print immediately following the exam.
  4. How many times may I take the HESI exam?
    You may take the HESI exam 1 time ONLY in the MSU Testing Center!
  5. When is the HESI offered and how do I schedule an appointment?
    The HESI exam is offered some days @ 8:00 am or 1:00 pm, only during the application period for the semester which you are applying!
  6. Testing will take place February 1 - March 28, 2024. All appointments are based on availability!
  7. To schedule an appointment, please call the MSU Testing Center at 397-4676.