The American Council on Education owns the GED Tests, the questions, and answers.  If you are taking the GED Tests, you must agree to keep the questions and answers secret.  You may not get any help from anyone except the GED Examiner.  You must return all tests and other items to the GED Examiner at the end of the test.

You must not disclose test questions to anyone.  If you do, it may be a violation of law, and you may be prosecuted and your test scores may be cancelled.

The places that give the GED Tests may use GED testing information and may share that information with GED Testing Service.



GED Testing Service understands that some information about you is private, like your name, address, ID number, date of birth, and test scores.  GED Testing Service will not give out the private information without your permission.

You can tell GED Testing Service whether or not GED Testing Service may contact you for follow-up research.

GED Testing Services does allow some research about the GED Tests and test-takers, but does not allow your private information to be identified in the research.

Sometimes the law requires GED Testing Service to provide private information, and sometimes GED Testing Service has to investigate fraud or other violations using some private information.

The place where you take the GED Tests also has some rights to your private information.

Errors can occur, but GED Testing Service tries its best to protect your private information.

You may ask questions about the GED Testing Service policies at or (202) 939-9490.


Information on Testing:

  • No test will be administered during the allotted time except the test scheduled for that session.
  • Once the test session has begun, no one will be admitted.
  • Please be a few minutes early for each test session.
  • No food or drinks allowed in the testing room unless special accommodations have been made in advance.
  • Contact the Testing Center for the current test schedule.

You can get more information on the General Education Test.



  1. When is the GED administered and how do I register for the computer based exam?
    The Computer Based GED exam is given in the Pearson Vue lab Monday - Friday and is located in Hardin South room 219.  You may register to take the computer based test all in one day or over a few days.  Walk-ins are not allowed, you may register & schedule your exam with Pearson Vue by calling 1-877-392-6433 or on the web @, then click on Register Today. You must register with your legal name as it appears on your primary Texas Driver's License/State I.D.  Payment must be made during the registration process.
  2. What sections does the test consist of?
    There are only four test modules: Language Arts (reading & writing), Science, Math & Social Studies.
  3. Residence?
    Must be a resident of the state of Texas or a member of the United States armed forces stationed at a Texas installation. There is no time requirement for residency. Immigration status is not an issue.
  4. Educational status?
    Must be officially withdrawn from school unless enrolled in an approved In-School GED program. Must not have received a high school diploma from an accredited high school in the U.S. Graduates of unaccredited schools and foreign high schools are eligible to test.
  5. What are the requirements for re-testing?
    Applicant may take his or her first three attempts per subject without wait time restrictions. All subsequent attempts are subject to a 60-day waiting period between attempts.  There is no maximum limit to the number of attempts per student per year.
  6. Official Transcripts?
    Test scores are accepted as official only when using the automated Certificate Search application on the Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency Information page located at This process allows an individual to search for records on-line, verify the certificate for free, and purchase a downloadable PDF of the certificate with scores. Only the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is authorized to issue a Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency (TxCHSE) or verify Texas GED records. TEA will no longer mail (via US Postal Service), email, or fax duplicate certificates/transcripts.
  7. How much does the computer based GED cost?
    The cost is $36.25 per module.
  8. What is the minimum age to take the GED?
    The minimum age for testing without exceptions or documentation is 18.  Those who are under 18 years old will need to complete additional paperwork in order to be eligible to test. They will go through the exception queue for approval in order to test at a Pearson Vue Testing center.