• Effective July 1, 2023, the CLEP exam fee will be $93. Test takers who purchase their registration tickets on or after that date will be charged the new fee. Registration tickets purchased prior to that date will still be valid until their stated expiration dates.
  • CLEP tests are given by appointment only in the Testing Center computer lab. All CLEP exams are computer-based.
  • If you would like to take a CLEP examination, please call our office at (940) 397-4676 and set up an appointment once you have created an online account through College Board, paid the registration fee, and printed the Exam Registration ticket. An appointment can be made during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday.
Procedures to follow
  • To be admitted to take the CLEP exam, 1 form of Government issued and valid ID is required REQUIRED
  • Note:  The first and last names on the ID must match that on the Registration Ticket.
  • 1)  The valid, Government issued ID must include name, picture, & signature (international candidates must bring a valid passport) and cannot be a limited term or temporary ID.
  • You may not use a credit/debit card. Social Security or Employee ID card
  • The ID must be presented along with the CLEP Exam Registration Ticket from the CLEP site.
  • CLEP tests are $130 per test .
  • Two different payments must be made to take the exam: 
  • 1)  $90 must be made via your MY ACCOUNT on College Board's website.
  • Click blue hyperlink Login or register for MY Account Portal, you will be prompted to complete several items. It will take approx. 5-15 minutes to complete the process and purchase your exam ticket, so make sure you have plenty of time to complete the entire process.
  • You must register and pay for the exam you wish to take, print the Exam Registration Ticket and bring it with you on the actual day of your exam.  No exceptions for this procedure.
  • 2)  $40 (cash) you will bring on the day of your test along with the Exam Registration Ticket you printed for the CLEP payment.

You can visit the College Board website for more information on the CLEP test

  1. What are the conditions for CLEP Subject examinations?
    • Credit earned by examination while enrolled at MSU may not be used to meet the minimum residence requirement for that degree or for honors awarded at graduation.
    • Credit by CLEP examination assumes that the student has had no formal classroom instruction, as an enrolled student or as an auditor, in the course he is requesting to challenge for credit.
    • There is a three month waiting period before repeating an exam.
    • The Midwestern State University catalog states, "Credit by examination assumes the student has had no formal classroom instruction, as an enrolled student or as an auditor, in the course being challenged."  Be advised that if you have either taken the course being challenged or are currently taking the course being challenged, then you are ineligible to take a CLEP test for the purpose of credit-by-examination.
  2. How can I register to take a CLEP exam and how much would it cost?
    CLEP exams are administered by appointment only and cost $130 . Give us a call to schedule an appointment at (940) 397-4676 or visit us in Hardin South, room 224.
  3. How long does the test take and how long will it be until I get my scores back?
    Testing generally lasts 90 minutes in the CLEP computer lab. Unofficial score reports are returned instantly upon completion of the exam except for the exams that require a written essay which return in approx. 2-3 weeks. The Official scores will be sent to your university or college in approx. 2-3 weeks.  Credit will be posted to the permanent record by the MSU course number, hours, and grade points, but will be designated as CLEP credit.
  4. Do I need to be a student at Midwestern State University to take a CLEP exam?
    No, you are not required to be a MSU student to take a CLEP exam. The MSU Testing Center will allow any individual to participate in the CLEP examination program.
  5. Which CLEP exams does Midwestern State University accept?
    To find out which CLEP exams MSU accepts visit: