Critical Conversations

Critical Conversations Series targets MSU faculty and staff, but is open to the entire MSU community. Attendees will engage in important conversations regarding race, ethnicity, sexuality, systems of oppression and other topics that influence the delivery of present-day collegiate education. The series utilizes a number of formats including speakers, panels, and film for attendees to participate in critical thinking and dialogue that is constructive and applicable to a range of professions within academia and that encourages a variety of ways to support today’s college student. 


Wednesday, October 12

Critical Conversations: Engaging with Gen Z (virtual) 2pm

Have you noticed the lack of participation in your classrooms or leadership events? This conversation will focus on the challenges and opportunities that higher education is facing with this new generation. This conversation is based on the book, Generation Z LEADS.

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Tuesday, November 15

Critical Conversations: DEI Event Planning (virtual) 2pm

Celebrating observances and DEI is a shared responsibility. In this Critical Conversation, we will talk about why celebrating observances is important for campus involvement and building community with students. Participants will leave with a “toolkit” on how to create their own DEI event. 

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Wednesday, October 5

Pronoun Fluency Training (in-person and virtual)

Do you have questions about non-binary pronouns? Are you unsure how to talk to new people without gendering them? This training provides faculty and staff an opportunity to improve their knowledge or usage of pronouns, and to develop familiarity with pronoun usage and strategies of address. We will also share best practices of this information in syllabi and classroom settings. All genders and identities are welcome.

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Wednesday, November 2

Mitigating Unconscious Bias (in-person and virtual)
What is unconscious bias and how does it affect how we interact with one another? How does it impact our decisions or how we engage in our work? In this training, participants will learn about the types of unconscious bias, and how it may influence communication and decision-making. There will be interactive activities and examples that will help better understand this concept. Participants will also learn a variety of ways in which we can mitigate the impact of unconscious bias in our professional and personal lives.

Click here to access Mitigating Unconscious Bias Presentation without activities. 

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Trainings, Workshops, & Presentations

We are available to provide training, workshops, presentations and in-class discussions for students, staff and faculty. Click here for a list of scheduled events.

We cover a broad range of topics, including:

  • Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Appreciation
  • Microaggression training
  • Intercultural Competency training
  • Empowerment and Education
  • Race and Racism
  • Allyship and Advocacy
  • Power, Oppression, and Privilege

To request a training, workshop, presentation, or in-class discussion, please send an email to Be sure to include your name, time and date of program, and the topic that you would like covered.