Equity Audit Guide

Reviewing or proposing a policy? Use an Equity Audit! 

What’s the purpose of an Equity Audit? To support our institutional values and mission, MSU Texas has renewed its commitment to deliver a quality educational experience that serves all students well, today and as they move into their futures. An Equity Audit is an opportunity to consider questions about a policy’s intent AND its impact on the experiences of our campus community members – faculty, staff and students.

How do we conduct an Equity Audit? Take the time to review your policy with an “equity lens.” Consider reviewing the policy with stakeholders, look at data related to the policy’s impact, examine the “big picture” university data or goals that may connect to your policy.

For more details on equity audits and a list of key questions to consider when reviewing your policy, download MOSAIC’s Equity in Policy Review guide from OneDrive.

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Need more information? Contact cammie.dean@msutexas.edu.

Cultural Dietary Restrictions Guide

There are three common reasons why someone may observe certain dietary restrictions.

  • In many cases, religious and/or cultural tradition can prohibit what a person can consume.
  • Increasingly common, individuals or families are making decisions about what they do and do not eat based upon ethical considerations.
  • Finally, many potential guests may have restrictions due to health concerns, including allergies or intolerance's.
As an event coordinator or host, the comfort and positive experience of your guests is often top of mind, understanding potential limitations to what they may eat can be critical to their experience at your event.

How can an event host balance so many different restrictions and/or preferences? The simplest option to accommodate the religious, cultural and ethical limitations your guests may have is to offer a vegetarian selection on the menu. Talk to your caterer about possible vegetarian options and the best way to communicate with guests and the food service provider about their requirements. Consider asking about food restrictions when guests RSVP or providing vegetarian tickets at the check-in table when guests are arriving.

For more information, download "Dietary Restrictions: A Quick Guide for Event Planners."

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