Undocumented/DACA Resources

Consider this guide a starting point for finding resources and answers to common questions about undocumented and/or DACA-eligible student concerns.

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Undocumented/DACA Resources

This guide does not contain all the information that an undocumented student may need, and regulations change frequently.


Guide to Pronouns

For some, the idea of sharing your preferred pronoun may seem unnecessary or overly “PC” the first time you are asked. 

This increasingly common practice has one purpose – to proactively give each individual the opportunity to define themselves.

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Guide to Pronouns

First Generation Resources

Are you the first in your family to attend college; meaning neither of your parents either attended or completed college? If yes, click below to access first-gen resources.

First-Generation Resources

Inclusive Language Terminology

A strong institutional environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion fuels creativity, scholarship, respect, innovation, and social justice – all values of our core liberal arts principles and identity.
Click below to access a list of terms and definitions that MSU Texas fosters to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus.

Terms and Definitions


Reviewing or proposing policy? Use an Equity Audit by clicking the button below.

Equity Audit

Hosting an event with food? Use our Cultural Restrictions Guide by clicking the button below.

Cultural Restrictions Guide

Monthly Observances & Celebrations Calendar

The MOSAIC Cross-Cultural Center invites you to utilize this Monthly Observances & Celebrations Calendar to learn more about the various celebrations and holidays observed by members of the MSU Texas community. Use this calendar as a way to increase your awareness and understanding of cultures and religious occasions. To maximize inclusivity, it is essential to consider these days of remembrance, observance, and celebration when planning events.

Monthly Observances & Celebrations Calendar

Safe Zone Resources

Safe Zone Workshops are wonderfully unique opportunities for people to talklearn, and ask questions about sexuality and gender in a non-judgmental, safe, educational environment.

Safe Zone Resources