The Men of Color Alliance (MOCA) Affinity Group engages male students of color at Midwestern State University in culturally-responsive programs and activities that results in improved retention and graduation rate of this population, as well as developing greater connection to the MSU campus community. MSU is a member of the Texas Education Consortium on Male Students of Color. 


  • Increase retention, persistence, completion, as well as achievement and engagement rates.
  • Connect students with academic and professional support, resources and services.
  • Create a culture of success and empowerment among male students of color.


MOCA invites male students of color to be part of group of dynamic men who yearn for success. By being part of MOCA, students participate in a number of enrichment activities such as Barbershop Talks. 

Bi-weekly meetings on Mondays at 7:00pm.


For more information, email

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