Approved by the MSU Texas Board of Regents in May 2021, the strategic actions and initiatives below were developed by the DEI Task Force with feedback from various campus stakeholders. Five overarching Desired Outcomes were identified by the task force, and five actionable Goals were developed to direct our initial priorities for implementation. In addition to the outcomes and goals listed here, the following information is available.

Implementation efforts officially begin in Fall 2021. You can stay up-to-date on our progress using the links below. Each goal has its own webpage, with a color-coded tracking chart and detailed description of related strategic actions and initiatives.

Desired Outcomes

I. Mission/Vision: To have a clearer DEI message in the MSU Texas mission, vision, and strategic plan
II. Accountability: To promote institutional DEI accountability aimed at the creation of a welcoming multicultural environment
III. Diverse Staffing: To hire and retain more faculty and staff that better reflects the diversity of the MSU Texas student population and the state of Texas
IV. Educational Environment: To educate students in experiences that promote greater awareness of multiple perspectives and build capacity to work effectively across cultural differences
V. Community: To connect MSU Texas DEI actions and awareness with the Wichita Falls community


Detailed descriptions of the strategic actions and initiatives related to each goal can be viewed by clicking below. Implementation efforts officially begin in Fall 2021.

Goal 1: Identify DEI as critical to the mission, vision, and strategic plan of MSU Texas
Goal 2: Establish mechanisms and programs to increase accountability for DEI programs
Goal 3: Create processes and policies to ensure increased diversity in faculty and staff
Goal 4: Develop curricular and co-curricular options aimed at providing diverse educational experiences, intercultural competency, and improving diverse student recruiting and retention
Goal 5: Create a community-oriented DEI program and organization to serve as liaison between MSU Texas and the Wichita Falls community