A strong institutional environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion fuels creativity, scholarship, respect, innovation, and social justice – all values of our core liberal arts principles and identity. It is our belief that our path of excellence towards teaching and service can be completely fulfilled only with a strong plan and transformational environment that values and supports diversity, seeks to achieve equity, reflects multiculturalism, and promotes inclusion and social justice at all levels.

We strive to create an environment that celebrates differences, respects diversity, provides equity for opportunities, and fulfills the potential of everyone.

  • We commit to diversity in its myriad of expressions.
  • We pledge to welcome our differences in an environment of civility and respect.
  • We offer an environment of belonging for all.
  • We commit to eliminate discrimination, bias, and harassment at MSU Texas.
  • We believe in inclusive cross-cultural understanding and intercultural engagement.
  • We adopt curiosity, civility, and multi-cultural approaches as guiding principles.
  • We strive to be an agent of change for our external community.