DEI Strategic Plan - Goal 5

Goal 5: Create a community-oriented DEI program and organization to serve as liaison between MSU Texas and the Wichita Falls community

Progress Key:  On track /   Delayed or postponed /  Past due or incomplete /  Unassigned or not started

Progress Overview: Goal 5
Initiative Status
5.1.1 On track
5.1.2 Unassigned / Not Started


5.1. Establish an MSU Texas organization for the purpose of promoting and coordinating DEI efforts and quality of life issues external to campus 

5.1.1. Fund and establish a Social Justice Resource Center, to serve as a hub for education and advocacy and to build community connections and activities and to liaison with MSU Texas DEI strategic plan. 
Time for completion: Fall 2021 
Additional resources: provide budget as needed 
Responsible for completion: President’s office 
Measure of success: The center will be established, funded and operating. 
*Action Update: Open as of September 1, the Charlye O. Farris Social Justice Resource Center ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on October 29, 2021. Four programs targeting the Wichita Falls community are scheduled for 2021-22. Fundraising efforts are ongoing; to date, 8.5% of the $1.5 million goal has been committed. Currently, staffing and expenses are provided through with the MOSAIC Cross-Cultural Center.
5.1.2. Create affinity groups on campus that will increase community and support for activities that coordinate with MSU Texas DEI actions 
Time for completion: Fall 2024 
Additional resources: secure budget as needed 
Responsible for completion: Social Justice Resource Center, Human Resources for employee affinity groups 
Measure of success: (1) Several community organizations will effectively participate in campus activities and in coordination with MSU Texas organizations in DEI activities and programs. (2) improved reported climate on a faculty/staff campus climate survey.