DEI Strategic Plan - Goal 1

Goal 1: Identify DEI as critical to the mission, vision, and strategic plan of MSU Texas

Progress Key:  On track /   Delayed or postponed /  Past due or incomplete /  Unassigned or not started

Progress Overview: Goal 1

Initiative Status
1.1.1 Delayed or postponed
1.2.1 Delayed or postponed
1.3.1 On track

1.1. Include clear and robust DEI language in the MSU Texas mission and vision as well as clear DEI goals in the MSU Texas strategic plan

1.1.1. Revise institutional mission, vision, values, and strategic plan to include language that explicitly states MSU Texas’s commitment to DEI
Timeline to completion: Spring 2022
Additional resources needed: No initial financial or material resources anticipated
Responsible unit for completion: President
Measure of success: Clear DEI language and commitment is added to the mission, vision, values, and strategic plan of MSU Texas.
*Action Update: The DEI Strategic Plan is posted online, and ready to offer stakeholders a quick view of which projects are active and on course. Additionally, prior to fall 2021 three presentations introducing the plan were provided to business and finance leadership, account managers and residence life student personnel. Due to the anticipated transition in the Office of the President, any changes to the university mission and vision will likely occur after the completion of the search process. Already underway, however, is the Values Journey facilitated by TTUS. Community (e.g., inclusivity) is included among the five identified values and specifically addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts. The next actionable steps in the Values Journey include the formation of Values teams and a council, along with the development of a “Field Guide" which provides an additional opportunity for training and development related to DEI in the sections on the Community value.

1.2. Formulate strong plan for communicating MSU Texas’s DEI commitment

1.2.1. Create a marketing and multiple channel communication campaign spreading the values reflected in the revised 1.1.1. across the institution and into the community
Timeline to completion: Spring 2022
Additional resources needed: Coordination among several units, budget for printing materials, website revisions, and visible representations of DEI
Responsible unit for completion: Marketing and public information, MOSAIC, SGA, Charlye O. Farris Social Justice Resource Center, campus wide (for distribution)
Measure of success: Upon a completion survey, 50% of respondents will express awareness of DEI institutional values.
*Action Update: Progress on this item is contingent upon further advancement on item 1.1.1.

1.3. Development of overall DEI policies to ensure a sustainable diverse environment

1.3.1. Creation of specific policies aimed at the institutionalization, promotion and support of DEI actions and programs
Time to completion: Spring 2022
Additional resources needed: No initial financial or material resources anticipated
Responsible unit for completion: Office of General Counsel, Human Resources to coordinate with all governing bodies, VPs for coordination in their divisions
Measure of success: Upon completion, MSU Texas policies in support of DEI programs will have been established in MSU Texas policy manual.
*Action Update : Policies (OP 02.30 Shared Governance; OP 02.31 Operating Policy and Procedures Manual…) related to institutional governance and the procedures for developing new and reviewing current policies, approved in May 2021 by the MSU Board of Regents, embed DEI into the way decisions are made. The concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion were clearly defined and recognized as critical to the effectiveness of the University. Additionally, standard operating procedure now requires all policies submitted for approval be reviewed for impact on DEI  goals. Currently, MOSAIC staff are solely responsible for reviewing each policy; in future, a committee will be established for this purpose. Additional changes in the tenure and promotions criteria are described under Goal 4.