During 2020, MSU Texas began a formal process of examination pertaining to its commitment to and improved support of diversity, equity, and inclusion for all its constituents. Grounded in the liberal arts tradition and based on its mission and values supporting social justice, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force was formed and charged with engaging in discussion that would provide the framework for future institutional actions aimed at improving the current DEI environment. The task force’s main purpose was to formulate a plan to achieve a progressive and deep culture change, with the ultimate challenge of creating a transformational and sustainable institutional environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Action Plan Subcommittee began meeting in January of 2021 and follows an intensive effort developed by the Campus Culture Subcommittee and the Human Resources Subcommittee in the Fall 2020. The Action Plan Subcommittee, through this document, intends to provide a long-term strategic plan that will allow MSU Texas further discussion and implementation of actions with the goal of a transformational culture where its diverse student, faculty, staff, and community populations develop a sense of belonging, inclusion, and equity.

The DEI Task Force recognizes and acknowledges MSU Texas’ historical and progressive support towards DEI issues and culture. However, the spirit of the work of the Task Force represents a strong statement to embed DEI as part of the permanent culture and environment of the institution – to formulate a way to live. The Task Force recognizes that change is more often gradual and not sudden, sought not mandated. Thus, the committee hopes to inspire the campus with a strong aspirational change – one that will make MSU Texas a better institution for us all. The Task Force also recognizes that, although some initiatives may not require initial financial or material resources, the most valuable resource in this process is always the talent, dedication, work, and willingness of students, faculty and staff.