The MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center is honored to announce the following cultural graduations for Spring 2022. Cultural Graduations are hosted by the MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center and facilitated in partnership with students, faculty, and staff.
The Cultural Graduations Celebrations are a pre-commencement celebration that honors students, acknowledge their identities, and showcase who successfully completed an undergraduate or graduate degree from Midwestern State University Texas.


Sponsor a Student!

For the Cultural Graduations, each student receives a unique stole that will be placed on them by a significant person. The students are required to purchase a stole. By sponsoring a student, you will cover the expense of the stole. If you would like to sponsor a student, please visit MOSAIC’s touchnet to purchase a stole. If a department will like to sponsor a student, an IDT can be done. Please contact MOSAIC at 940-397-4500 or email