Staying Connected online
The Office of Student Leadership & Involvement are here to help from virtual activities, events, and tips! Feel free to contact us at for any questions. 

Virtual Trips

Take a tour of great museums around the world! 

Vacation Spots
Take a mini vacation from your home! 

  • Take a tour of great vacation spots like Hawaii! Google Earth is a great website to explore. 
  • Always wanted to visit Yellowstone? Here's your chance!
  • Take a break for nature and visit this site for National Parks!
  • Visit the Great Wall of China, and learn about this great wonder.
  • Learn the secrets of Pompeii
  • Go out of this world and visit Mars!

Aquariums & Zoos

Stressed out? Take a break and watch animals from aquariums & zoos around the world! Most will have live cams so you can see how they're coping! 

Other ideas

Here are some other ideas to keep you busy! Don't forget, you can always do these activities with friends and family no matter where you are!

  • Into mysteries? Visit the Winchester Mystery House.
  • Can't go to concerts? Nonsense! Visit this site for Stay At Home Concerts. Everyday there are new concerts.
  • Challenge friends and family to fitness challenges from our own MSU's Wellness Center & Rec Sports! Visit their Instagram or Twitter for new challenges everyday. 
  • Learn a new language! Visit Rosetta Stone to find out how to get it for 3 months free.
  • Start a Netflix Party with friends to talk about your favorite movies and tv shows in real time.