Bucket Stickers
What is The Stang Bucket?


The Office of Student Leadership & Involvement is introducing a new tradition at Midwestern State University to promote school spirit & campus traditions as well as highlight the individual journey of each student!

Starting with the Incoming Class of 2019 students will receive a bucket, called the Stang Bucket, which will highlight the campus traditions and more that students have participated in at MSU Texas by receiving a sticker to commemorate their involvement and achievements. The more events the students attend, the more students get involved with, the more accomplishments students have, the more stickers they receive to adorn their Stang Bucket. This bucket is theirs to keep and treasure throughout their years at MSU Texas and serve as a reminder of the great memories they made during their undergraduate careers.

Bring your bucket to gamedays, and make noise with it. Use your bucket as a chair, and have an extra seat in your room. Just don't forget to decorate it with stickers from the events you go to across your  years at MSU Texas!