Recruitment and Membership Intake

The process for joining a fraternity or sorority is called “Recruitment” or “Intake”. At MSU, most fraternities recruit informally throughout the year; however the IFC fraternities will also participate in a formal recruitment period in the fall. The sororities will have a more formal recruitment process in September of each year. The process for affiliating with a multicultural fraternity or sorority is frequently referred to as intake and generally begins with information meetings for potential new members.


Recruitment is hosted by the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and the Panhellenic Council (PHC) and each takes place early in the Fall semester. It is a great way for prospective members to visit each of our 4 NIC fraternities or 4 NPC sororities at once, as well as a chance to form a network of close friends within a few weeks of arriving on campus.

Recruitment is an opportunity to meet hundreds of your peers, get acquainted with the campus, and finally begin your new life as a college student. Without a doubt, you will meet the men and women who will be your best friends during your college years and beyond. By participating in recruitment, you are taking the first step toward an active and enriching experience as a fraternity or sorority member.

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