Transfer Procedures

When a student attending another institution in the U.S. is admitted to Midwestern State University:

  • The student should have received a letter of admission from the International Services Office and a Transfer Form letter.  This letter is to be completed by the Designated School Official (DSO) at the previous institution indicating that the student has maintained full-time status and completed all financial obligations. This letter should be returned to the International Services Office at MWSU by the student or by the DSO of the previous institution.
  • The student should work with the previous institution to set a SEVIS Transfer Release date.
  • This transfer to Midwestern State University must be processed a within 15 days of the beginning of classes. Students who fail to apply for a transfer Form I-20 within 15 days of the first day of classes are considered to be out of status and must apply for reinstatement.

 A Form I-20 will not be issued to an incoming Transfer Student until:

  • Student has presented current valid financial documentation (cannot be older than 6 months from start date of program).
  • Fulfilled deposit requirement
  • Turned in completed Transfer Form

Important to Note:

Students who have been "out of status" at their previous institution must apply for a reinstatement to student status through USCIS.

Current MWSU students who wish to transfer to another university in the U.S.:

  • Must present an acceptance letter to the International Service Office from institution the student wishes to transfer to.
  • Send an email request with the acceptance letter attached detailing the SEVIS school code of Transfer institution as well as date of SEVIS record release.
  • Clear all outstanding balances with the university (transcripts will be held for any outstanding balances)
  • Check information pertinent to withdrawals, drops and invalidation if you have registered for an upcoming semester on the Student Life website.