Scholarships & Opportunities

Scholarships are available to international students from several sources. The prime scholarships for beginning undergraduates are merit based and can be as much as $6000 value per year plus a competitive waiver. The Midwestern State University merit scholarships are available on a competitive basis to all students. These scholarships are based on grade point average and campus participation. Prospective students may be awarded a merit scholarship on the basis of ACT or SAT scores.

The competitive waiver allows academically superior students to pay in-state tuition. Typically, this is earned after one academic year and is ONLY awarded in conjunction with an on-campus scholarship of $1000 or more.

Assistantships and merit scholarships are available through the department for all graduate students who qualify through a competitive process.

The Good Neighbor Scholarship allows up to ten nationals of most Latin American or Caribbean countries to earn free state and local tuition excluding fees. The university nominates candidates for this scholarship typically after a minimum of one year’s enrollment.

Non-Governmental Organization scholarships are awarded by numerous organizations to international students. Most of these specify particular standing. Nonetheless, many of our students have successfully competed for these fellowships and scholarships. The Organization of American States (OAS) is a partner in this endeavor.

MSU Department Scholarships are awarded each semester and must be applied for within the academic department. They are primarily based on grade point average. International students compete effectively for these scholarships and significantly reduce their tuition.

The Honors Program provides scholarships to successful students who enroll in that program. Feel free to ask about the requirements for enrolling in that program.

Honor societies and on-campus organizations may offer scholarships to their members. These scholarships are often based on academic and participation factors. Most of these organizations extend invitations to excellent students to join their membership.

Various internships and other opportunities are available to international students. On campus employment is available. However, these positions are few and often competitive.

Other scholarship opportunities may be found on the Donor Services website.

We strongly urge students not to plan with any of these scholarships, employment, or other opportunities as contingent funds. These are not guaranteed and cannot be relied upon as a legal source of income for admission purposes.