Financial Information for International Students

The information below shows the standard costs for undergraduate international students taking 12 credit hours in a fall and spring semester. All figures on this page are estimates in US Dollars applicable to the 2019-2020 school year. While they reflect approximate fees as they currently stand, periodic changes, and increases do occur.  

Non US Resident Estimated Costs
Amounts in USD Non U.S. Resident
Tuition and Fees 21,100
Living Expenses 9,564
Other (Books, supplies, misc.) 4,380
Fall and Spring Estimated Total 35,044
Additional Fees: Dependent Per Child   2,970
Additional Fees: Dependent Spouse   4,500

The Total Figure represents the estimated amount of funds needed on a bank statement and financial certification in order to receive a Form I-20. A Form I-20 is the document required to obtain an F-1 student visa. Although we require students to show the requisite funds for one year, please have those funds available for the duration of your studies. Occasionally, US consular officials have asked students to show additional forms of funding to support their visa application. 

Students in English Language Programs are on a different tuition scheme. Contact the Intensive English Language Institute for specific information. Please note that the costs suggested for living expenses are estimated. They can be increased or decreased since they are highly correlated to household choice and lifestyle circumstances.

The U.S. government requires all international students to have health and repatriation insurance. We provide a reasonably priced policy that meets this requirement. The fees are included in the above cost estimate.

Your tuition and fees entitle you to utilize all of the campus services. They include admission to most varsity sports, use of state of the art computer labs and libraries, outstanding wellness center, shuttle service to off-campus locations, and various student trips. 

Graduate students should contact the Graduate School directly for information on scholarships and amenities related to graduate students. 

** These are average costs and exact room rates can be found on the Residence Life & Housing website. Lifestyle choices can affect living expenses significantly.