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Requesting Interpreting Services

Requesting Interpreting Services

Midwestern State University provides interpreting services for deaf/hard of hearing students through the Disability Support Services registered with the office, as well as for visitors to campus who need the service. Sign language interpreting services are available for all academic classes/meetings and university-related activities.


Students Requesting Interpreter Services for Class Lecture

  1. Register with Disability Support Services upon acceptance into MSU.
  2. Indicate interpreter services needed when establishing appropriate accommodations.
  3. Upon registering for classes, complete an Interpreting Services Request Form for each class in which an interpreter is needed.
  4. Report any change in schedule to Disability Support Services as soon as changes occur.
  5. For academic meetings with advisors, professors, etc., requests for interpreter services need to be made as early as possible, no later than five (5) business days in advance of the meeting.


Students Requesting Interpreter Services for a University-Related Event (concerts, speakers, programs, etc.)

  1. Complete an Interpreting Services Request Form for each event for which an interpreter is needed.
  2. Submit the completed request form to Disability Support Services no later than two (2) weeks prior to event.


Applying ForInterpreterServices:

After approval a student must attend an initial intake meeting with Disability Support Services to review services.Approval is contingent upon documentation of disability. For deaf/ hard of hearing students, documentation may include:

  • Recent audiology report
  • Recommendations for academic accommodations
  • Certificate of Deafness from the State ofTexas
  • Make contact with the Interpreter Coordinator to request services.
  • Provide a copy of his/her academic schedule two weeks before the first day of class.
  • Submit a new schedule if changes are made to a previously submitted schedule.


Requesting InterpreterServices Outside the Classroom:

Interpreter services can be provided for mandatory events outside the classroom.Aninterpreter request form must be filled out 48-72 hours in advance. If the request is submitted less than 48 hours, then services cannot be guaranteed.

The form can be accessed via the DSS website:


Requirements of Maintaining Interpreting Services:

Receiving interpreting services for the entire semester is guaranteed as long as students adhere to the guidelines that were established by DSS and approved by the OfficeofCivil Rights (OCR).

Services are determined each semester and are on a case-by-case basis.


Cancellation Policy:

Each student is responsible for contacting the Interpreter Coordinator regarding cancelled classes, tests and absences.

The requirements are as follows:

  • The student is responsible for calling the Interpreter Coordinator when class will be canceled, when there is a test and when he or she will be absent.
  • Give notice at least 24 hours prior to any absence, class cancellation or test.
  • After 2 no-show/no-calls per semester, interpreting services will be terminated until the student schedules a meeting with the Interpreter Coordinator/DSS. Services may resume under a probationary period, but if a no-call/no-show occurs during this period, services will be terminated for the semester.This applies to each individual class, not a student’s entire schedule.
    1. Absences: If a student is absent from a class two (2) consecutive times without notifying the DSS, a meeting will be needed with the DSS director to discuss the situation. The DSS understands that it is the right of any student to miss class. However, prior notification is needed so interpreter services/resources are not wasted.
    2. If a student will be late to a class, they must notify the DSS/Interpreter so the interpreter will not leave as outlined below. In the event prior notification has not been given, the interpreter will wait outside of class: Ten (10) minutes for a 50-minute class. Fifteen (15) minutes for a 1 hour and 15 minute class, Twenty (20) minutes for a 2 hour class.
    3. Discuss any interpreting problems with the interpreter. If additional assistance is needed to resolve a problem, make an appointment with the DSS director.


Campus Visitors Requesting Interpreter Services for a University-Related Event or On-Campus Meeting

Please contact Disability Support Services at 940-397-4120 or e-mail We will be happy to work with you.